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Eric Luper is available for school, library and conference appearances. He has different presentations for various age groups and has visited kids ages six and up, as well as teachers and librarians. For example:

Presentation: How Did YOU Become An Author?
Age Group: Kindergarten through 6th grade

Growing up a reluctant reader himself, people are often surprised that Eric Luper ever became a children's author. Join Eric on a journey to explore what makes a good writer and why his background makes him particularly suited to write books for young readers. Luper's PowerPoint presentation and insights tie in closely to Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts, yet remain light, entertaining, and fast-paced for young participants, who will leave not only with information but tools they can use to become great writers themselves.

If you are interested in an author appearance, reach me via the CONTACT ME page!

Making the Visit Most Impactful

Preparing students and faculty for an author visit can enhance the experience for everyone. Here are some suggestions for making your author experience the best it can be:

- Make sure all of the teachers and librarians know I'm coming. Believe it or not, sometimes teachers are unaware about the event until I'm there!
- Feel free to use the available Teaching Guide and Word Search in the classroom (contact me for more information)
- Encourage at least a few chapters to be read aloud in the classrooms in advance of a school visit (This is HUGE as it ramps up the kids' fascination with what I do)
- Encourage the teachers/kids to check out my FAQ page in order to formulate more probing questions for the author (I always leave time for Q&A)
- Send an email out to parents and include the visit on the school calendar. Family engagement and excitement leads to student engagement and excitement!

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Due to time constraints, Eric is no longer offering Skype or remote author visits.

Check out this video of a school visit I did in Newark, New Jersey for "My Very Own Library" or MVOL, a not-for-profit with the goal of helping less fortunate kids start building their own book collections.

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